General Storage


Before you pack, move and store, be sure you take a moment to review some of the helpful tips below to ensure a successful moving and/or storage of your valuable possessions. We often hear people say, “I wish I thought of that, before!”

But by that time it is usually too late to get it right. We wish you the best in your situation, whether you’re moving or looking for long term storage, and hope these tips have you saying, “I’m glad I knew about THAT, beforehand!”

Consider the environment where you plan to store your valuables. Will it be very hot or cold? Consider renting a climate controlled storage room for items that could be damaged by extreme temperatures or humidity. This includes things like software, paper, electronics or clothing. Some items do best in cold storage such as wine and furs. In self-storage units without climate control consider using a dehumidifier.

When choosing a storage unit, factor in a little more room than your belongings take up, in order to allow space for you to walk between stacks of items. This will help you to find what you need after you store it. Leave a little room between the walls and the stored goods to improve ventilation.

Take a little time to plan and organize as you pack. This should make it easier to find things in the future and less likely that anything will get damaged during a move or while in storage.

Caution: Do not store dangerous or flammable items, nor should you store food items of any kind as food simply attract pests.


Be sure to ask us about our company’s liability insurance and license.

Question us about extra charges and be sure that you have obtained your estimate prior to moving.

Park the truck as close to your home as possible. Load one quarter of the truck at a time, packing it as tightly as possible, floor to ceiling.

Tie down each quarter. Usually the appliances and largest items go in first, heaviest items on the bottom and lighter items on top.

Mattresses, tabletops, and other long items fit well along the sides of the truck. Mirrors ride best placed between mattress and box spring.

Save your back! Always bend your knees and use your leg muscles when lifting heavy objects.

Never lift with your back bent. Never push, always pull so that you are higher on the ramp than the item

1.  Climate controlled units should be used for fine furniture, antiques, clothing, photographs and artwork. Climate controlled units protect belongings from large temperature variances that can damage sensitive items.
2.  Do not store hazardous or toxic materials OR flammable liquids or gases OR foods. If you are not sure if you should store something, ask the staff!
3.  Do not store any combustibles! Do not store items such as propane tanks, old paint, cleaning fluids, gasoline or other things that might create or intensify a fire. Why risk your possessions just to keep a few cents worth of leftovers?
4.  Remember, you are responsible for providing insurance on your property. You can ask us about our general insurance.
5.  Remember that only the tenant is legally entitled to enter the storage space unless other arrangements have been made with the storage facility; for example, if you want friends and members of your family to use your storage space, you must list them under access rights on the rental agreement.
6.  Visit your storage space on occasion, if possible, to check the condition of your possessions; occasionally move or shift your goods so that you see all sides of them. Report any problems immediately.
7.  When moving out of storage, give at least 10 days written notice.
8.  If storing bedding, clothing or furniture covered in fabric or property that may be affected by changes in temperature, it may be wiser to rent climate-controlled space to provide a better storage environment for your personal possessions. Be certain that everything stored is dry, as any moisture may cause mildew. If you move during rain, dry off your goods before placing them into storage. Do not store anything that is wet; moisture is bad for virtually all property or goods.